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Bodywork Studio sessions are tailored to each individual and varies in techniques used. There is a set rate per time segment, not by type of service.


Swedish Relaxation – A deeply relaxing and the most commonly requested massage. It is full bodywork incorporating long slow strokes, compression, friction, vibration and petrissage. This modality induces the body into a state of relaxation, decreases stress, and relieves muscle tension while stimulating blood circulation, lymphatic flow and aids in the body’s removal of toxins. 


Deep Tissue – Working with deep layers of tissue - not just deep pressure - this modality targets specific muscles or muscle groups. It focuses on rectifying the root cause of pain through accessing the layers of muscle tissues. Deep Tissue work affects long-term relief of chronic tension, increase range of motion, facilities injury rehabilitation and helps the body heal from repetitive strain injuries. Deep tissue massage is no “fluff and buff” treatment for the fainthearted.


Trigger Point – A spot in muscle tissue that causes chronic local or referred pain, muscle weakness, decreased flexibility or muscle spasms. This modality is used to relieve the discomfort through compression, manual massage or stretching. Quite often it will be used in combination with Deep Tissue for treatments such as Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel and Tendinitis.


Myofascial Release – The general intent of this modality is to release restrictions found anywhere among three layers of the body’s connective tissue referred to as fascia. Techniques will stretch fascial sheets, break fascial adhesions leaving tissues softer and more pliable. Left untreated fascial restrictions limit mobility, cause postural distortion, poor cellular nutrition and pain for example.


Sports Massage – Massage for athletes. Known to help improve performance, prevent injuries, offers relief to sore, overloaded muscles and aids in recuperation. Gait analysis, fiber friction, compression, deep tissue and Swedish massage are some of the varied techniques used.


Please ask if you have questions or concerns before treatment.


Pre and Perinatal Massage Therapy – These will be offered starting in November 2012.




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